The Safest Applications for Android

Android is a popular operating system for tablets, notebooks and smartphones. Android is a wonderful platform for running a vast number of applications suited to meet various purposes of the users. With the app store brimming with selection, it is difficult to shortlist the best ones. In fact, the choice varies from person to person, depending on their area of interest and activities. For example, those who love chatting may prefer Nimbuzz, whereas those interested in betting will go for bettingtop10. However, one thing is sure that these applications are safest to run on Android platform. Here is what we find the best and safest application on this platform.


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Phone Halo Protect

It is the topper on our list of selections. It is a wonderful tracker that keeps track of your cellphone and safeguards the same. With the app, it is easy to recover the lost data. It integrates GPS system that helps in recovering the lost stuff. One of the safest android-compatible apps, it offers three main functions – safeguard, trace and recover.


Most cell phone and internet users are addicted to chats. It may be pure gossip or important talks. Whatever it is, this android app allows the users to chat with their online friends from Yahoo, Google, Skype, Facebook, Myspace, Windows Live Messenger and many more. With help of this app, you can have a clear view of your friends if they are online. Furthermore, you will also be able to view the status messages, notifications, avatars and many more.

Titanium Backup

The name says the purpose of its use. This tool helps you with backup and restoration of all data, applications and market links. Both free and paid version of this app is available. With the paid version, you will enjoy the most reliable and faster options for restoration. If you are interested in its paid version, just check its price. It is one of the effective yet low-cost options for data restoration.

Ultimate FavsPro Application

You will find a galaxy of options under different categories of Android apps. But it is, according to our opinion, is the best under the head of ‘utility apps’. It enables you to organize several things graphically and in an easy way. It is not a paid app, implying that the users can enjoy a great ‘organizing’ experience without shelling even a penny.


The open-source application will allow you to explore the powerful app fully on your Android smartphone. You will be able to write new contents and edit the same, manage comments and perform many more functions. It will offer you a wonderful blogging experience on your android cellphone. You can easily download the free app from the official website of Android.


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