Best Smartphone Buying Guide and Tips

Hey, are you going to buy a smartphone but having some doubts about how to buy a perfect smartphone in a price range? What stuffs should I notice before buying it? And so on and so on! Don”t worry, guys. Today in this post we will talk about it. So, be connected with us to know smartphone buying tips and tricks.

So, basically, today in this article we will discuss smartphone buying guide, buying a smartphone: things you should consider and much more.

Smartphone Buying Guide

#1. Build Quality

Build quality means durability of a smartphone. Before buying a smartphone, you should check it how durable it is. Better build quality means a long life of the smartphone.

#2. Display

First, ask yourself, why are you need this phone? If you love watching videos, downloading movies and editing phones than a screen size of 5.5 will be perfect for you. There are plenty of phones that come with 6 inches display but seriously saying they are bulky and hard to carry every time.

#3. Processor

You can consider processor as the heart of a smartphone. If you are a gamer or multitasking user, then you must buy a smartphone that has high processor.

#4. Camera

Love to click pictures of yourself or any other thing? Then you must go for a smartphone that has a very good camera if your priority is clicking only pictures.

#5. Battery

Travel a lot? Then, buddy, you should go for a smartphone that has a high backup so that you don”t need to be worried about charing your device again and again.


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#6. UI (User Interface)

If you love android UI and want pure android experience then guys try Motorolla devices, Nexus/Pixel smartphone, they will give you pure android experience. Or if you love iOS UI then just go for any iPhone.

#7. Storage

Today”s smartphone comes with many storage option like 8 GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. Just pick that storage option that is suitable for you. It will save you lots of money.

#8. Security

If your data is very important for you and don”t want to lose it or some stole it then guys, your first concern would be that your smartphone should have a high-security feature like a fingerprint scanner, face ID. For that, you can go for a high-end smartphone.

 #9. Speakers

If you love music then you should buy a smartphone that must have a good quality and loudspeakers.

#10. USB Port

USB Type C is a good feature now coming in a smartphone, it will charge your phone in 30 to 45 minutes for one day of batter back up. If you want fast charging in your device then USB type c feature must be on your device.

So, guys, this was an article on Smartphone Buying Guide. If you think it works for you then you can share with your friends or if you have few doubts then don”t forget to contact us in the comment section. we will solve it as soon as possible.


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