Thursday, January 3, 2013

Save Energy Get An Innovative Gravity Lamp

GravityLight a Lamp powered by one of the most abundant resource on planet earth called Gravity has been invented by Gravity Lamp may prove to be an amazing device that could provide solution to the power woes of most of the developing countries and may also reduce the power consumption in the developed world.

GravityLight is not only an amazing device but it may also prove to be a cheap alternative to other lightning devices. As this device doesn't contain any battery so there is no maintenance cost. Also Gravity lamp doesn't contain any waste products or deteriorating parts so it would last for a very long period. The Best thing about Gravity lamp is that you have to lift it just for few seconds to get the light for about 30 minutes.

gravity lamp

GravityLight is currently targeted at developing world where there is power shortage but it could also come in handy in developed world where it could not only reduce power consumption but also help in reducing pollution released during power generation and could also slow down fuel consumption which will give us a few more years to use our diminishing fuel resources.
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